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Warm Water Aquatic Activities

Swimming can be used for fitness, recreation, weight loss, relaxation, and so much more! Enjoy the benefit of water activity in the beautiful new facility where your beloved dog will be given individual attention.  Your fur baby will be the only dog in the pool.


Required evaluation to determine fitness level, demeanor and comfort level of your dog in the water.  After your dog's orientation you may schedule assisted swims with our certified hands on practitioner or independent swims.  

Dogs are considered independent swimmers when they can swim on their own and enter and exit the pool with little to no assistance from our in pool practitioner. 

Click here to check out an incredible video of a beagle in Montana who lost half her body weight with swimming!

  • Initial Assessment and Pool Orientation – $100

  • Assisted Swim with Hands-On Practitioner

    • $70 per session

  • Independent Swim with In-Pool Standby Practitioner
    (must be declared independent swimmer during initial assessment)

    • $50 per session​​


Self Serve Bath Station

Have a dirty dog?  Our convenient self serve bath station is available to schedule! Bring your towels and favorite shampoo or use ours.

  • $20


News to Note

All sessions, including Self Serve Bath, are by appointment only. Appointments may be cancelled 48 hours in advance.  Otherwise the full session fee will be charged.

Dogs must be current on shots and have veterinary approval for water activity.  Please see the Forms tab for required forms.


Dogs should be clean and brushed to remove loose hair before coming to the pool.

Please give your dog plenty of potty time before pool time.  Please do not feed your dog for 4 hours prior to coming to the pool. Sometimes the excitement of swimming shows up in ways you least expect..  A fecal incident requires pool to be closed and appointments to be canceled for up to 24 hours.  A $200 charge may be assessed.

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